They’re Just Shoes

maxresdefault (2)It’s 2014, fresh out of high school, a bunch of graduation money in hand. Early one morning, I decided to wake up early and purchase a pair of shoes that I’ve been dying to have. The KD 9 USA’s(shoe above on the right). The clocks hits 10:00 am and I’m already on the computer putting in my payment information.

As right now, almost 3 years to the exact day I decided to buy those KD’s, my mentality about shoes has changed drastically. Gone are the days I wasted countless hours window shopping shoes that I knew I didn’t really want but I had to build the collection. dj-khaled-sneaker-closet-room-21

This is what I envisioned my shoe collection looking like. Seeing collections that are worth a house is such a let down when you’re first starting off. Looking back, the rush you get when you finally open get a whiff of that new shoe smell is unparalleled.

Yes I thought people who liked the smell of shoes were weird. Until I became that person after buying 3 or 4 pairs in a couple weeks.

Over the last 3 years, I realized that having so many shoes is unnecessary. I don’t know if this change in heart came along with having my own bills or realizing that spending $200 every couple weeks on shoes I won’t wear everyday is a waste. Being here at school has limited me to only a few pairs (20 pairs), I sometimes wonder why I ever needed this many shoes. sports-chart-of-the-day-the-cost-of-air-jordans-and-lebrons-through-the-yearsMy end goal is to work for Nike in Portland, Oregon where there HQ is. A couple years ago I just wanted all the shoes I could get my hands on. So working for Nike would grant me access to all the shoes I could think of. But as I consistently reflect on why people buy so many buy shoes, why I wanted to buy a lot shoes.

I think the reason why I wanted to buy so many shoes was because of the feeling you have when you’re in public and someone says “nice shoes”. The constant compliments and looks can really get to a persons head. But as the price for shoes went up every month and the less social satisfaction I wanted, the desire to buy new shoes disappeared.

download (1)

Most people buy a lot of shoes to impress others, look cool or just because they can. I’ve realized that there is a small percentage of sneaker-heads that buy shoes for the actual purpose of a shoe. Since this I have been purchasing shoes that are comfortable to me regardless of what people think.

I was all about Nike until this change occurred. Previously working at a sneaker retailer, it allowed me to gain insight on some of the best brands of shoes in the world. Having this knowledge allows me to know exactly what I look for in the shoes I want to buy.

It took me a long time to fully understand the true meaning behind my ‘sneaker-addiction’. I wanted someone to acknowledge my outfit, make sure it was valid. Everyday I would make sure everyone would look at my shoes before the looked me in the eyes. But it doesn’t matter what other people think, the only opinion that matters about my outfit is mine. Why need someone else to tell you something you already know.

While I still buy shoes, it is maybe once every couple months and that is a stretch. I don’t seek the thrill of somebody else telling me what I already know. This is something I wish not only all sneakerheads but people in general could understand.

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In the end, I learned that expensive shoes aren’t necessary, that owning the right pair of shoes is like the one person you could spend everyday with and never get tired of.


Link to my selfie video I took with a couple of friends about their experiences with shoes! (


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