The Best Kind of Professor to Have

English has always been the subject I’ve excelled in since high school. I’m better at history but any English course will be a close second. This semester I took Eng396 with professor McShea. Coming into this class, I just wanted to finish the course I was recommended to take and be done with it. What I didn’t expect was even on the first day, some outside force told me that this class would be one to never forget.

With the professor working at the Buffalo News, the class gets exclusive insight on possibly events coming up or breaking news.Roux-Buffalo-NY-2

This class meets once a week from 7-9:40 every Monday night. Being a class that almost demands attendance since we only meet 16 times, skipping even a minute of this class is foolish. Not because the class is overly challenging but because of the laughs and helpful insight on the world that everyone brings to class.

Every week starts by with a ‘start-up’, a presentation on 3 current events in the world, done by a few people about current events in the world. This allows the entire class to possibly be updated on 6 new topics trending in the world. Pairing this with the knowledge the professor brings from the Buffalo News allows the class to stay up to date with the latest news possible.


Reflecting over the entire year I wish every class was like this. I am very gracious that deadlines are extended and the professor understand that things in life happens. That is something that all students want in all professors, but some are so by the book that you can’t afford to mess up once.


All students use RateMyProfessor before enrolling into any classes. Not being able to find a professor on a website that is used for all colleges across America can be a sign to avoid that professor. But taking this course with this professor will make you realize that the best professors are the ones that are the hardest to find.

There is nothing that I would want to change because this course is awesome just how it is. Nothing more needs to be added, this class adds a perfect blend of meeting deadlines and freedom that all students strive to have in every class. This course is more than just another English class, it is an opportunity to improve your communication skills and learns multiple life lessons throughout the span of a semester.




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