A Season in Review: Los Angeles Lakers

los-angeles-lakers-7The Los Angeles Lakers are viewed as one of, if not the best NBA franchise in the history of the league. With players such as Jerry West (aka The Logo), Kobe “Bean” Bryant, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, there is very few team that are EXPECTED to reach the Finals every year.


The Lakers are one of those teams where everyone loves to hate and everyone knows they’ll make the playoffs. Over the 2016 off-season, the team looked to rebuild for one of the first times in the teams history. The article I read¬†over viewed the Lakers off-season pickups, cuts and trades, and how each person contributed to the teams record.¬†la-sp-lakers-roster-20161022-snapDuring Free-Agency, the Lakers made a few moves that really pissed off fans, I for one hated all of the moves that were made over the past year but hopefully in time the ends justify the means.

The Lakers gave bogus contracts to a few players for their ‘veteran’ presence, whiffed on getting perennial all-stars in exchange for young talent. Being a Lakers fan can be so frustrating, expectations are so high every season and for fans it can be exhausting.

But with great expectations comes brief moments of greatness among the young talent the team has. A 20 point win over the Warriors early in the season, rookies such as Ingram and Zubac lightning up the stat sheet late in the season and a 5 game win streak to end the season really gave fans hope for next season.

Lakers forward Thomas Robinson finishing a tough lay-up at the rim

The end of the article goes back to the same question that every NBA fan wants to know, “Who will be the next all-star to end up in L.A.”? With new management, the 2017 off-season looks to be more promising and with the glimpses of hope toward the end of the season, there is something to look forward too next season.



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