PR Control

The 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump will be remembered as heavily utilizing social media before, during and certainly after his tenure of being commander in chief.

Although many people think that Donald Trump is actually the mastermind behind all of his social media activity, that is very wrong. Firms and individuals should hire a Public Relations agency when they want to protect, enhance or build their reputations through the media. PR, Public Relations, are a group of people that are hired by companies and organizations to over see the public opinion.trump-twitter

Whether you hire a social media or PR team, you will always be the one blamed for whatever they put out.

I think that Trump doesn’t run his own social media because it would be self destructive for him. Being the President of the United States at the age he is, I doubt he even cares about twitter or anything else to do with social media. With all the negativity surrounding his social media status, it is hurting his legacy for his presidency.2016-12-27-abc-wnt-scolding-trump-for-attacking-obama-1

All media and news outlets will take any opportunity to slander and embarrass Trump. There are very few sources that will openly support Trumps views, due to the negative vibe society has placed on him.

He also has placed a stigma on our country even though America was founded on the idea of being open country where anybody can succeed. Even though he says whatever comes to his mind, he has to remember that he isn’t just the leader of the U.S but also of the free world.

Trump has certainly cemented himself as a “unique” leader, but he has to remember who came before him and what they have accomplished. If he hopes to reach the same level of success, he must create a positive image for himself because how the media portrays you is how the world will perceive you.


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