Duke Dynasty

Duke University has been a basketball powerhouse for the last 20+ years.

Coach K has built a resume that is unmatched among any athlete or coach in any sport on this earth.

He has amassed 5 National Championships, 6 gold medals as head coach for the USA Men’s National Team, most wins in NCAA history, most conference wins and most NCAA Tournament victories in league history.

Men’s Duke Basketball defeating UNC 74-73 (2015-2016) 

On Saturday night, Duke became the first program to win four games in four days to become ACC tournament champions. Regardless of them winning the tournament, they would have made the tournament, which has become a standard in Duke culture.

Before the 2016-17 season, Duke was regarded as the best team coming in as No. 1 favorites to win the tournament in Preseason Polls. This kind of success is the only mood tolerated at the university with Duke being one of the most hated, yet successful sports programs of all time.

Duke has remained forever progressive throughout the season due to their unpredictably. Teams will never know what Duke is suiting up to take the court, the Preseason Poll No. 1 favorites or the hopeful team of teenagers too young to compete with the rest of the nation.


Duke has had such success that anything less than a W or a blowout to North Carolina is considered a failure.

Duke ended off the year on a loss to UNC, making them a 6th or 7th seed in the March Madness Tournament. With a complete sweep of the ACC tourney, Duke vaulted to No. 2 seed. With this new found confidence, the team looks to use their momentum to carry them far into the tournament.






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