Nike’s Continental Conquest

NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, regardless of the sport or league, there is always a logo stitched into the jersey.


The NCAA host some of the most watched sporting events in the world throughout the year. While the NCAA is composed of all sports, then broken down into different divisions, some schools receive better uniforms then others.

Oregon and Maryland are among few schools that receive “special” accommodations through their partnerships.

The Oregon Ducks have had the fortune of having over 60 different uniforms, thanks to Nike’s generous contributions to their schools athletic program. While the Maryland Terrapins might not have as many uniforms as the Ducks, it is whats located next to the two universities that set them apart. Next to the University of Oregon is Nike HQ, while next to the University of Maryland is Under Armour HQ.

While Oregon receives a large bulk of attention from Nike, they are just one of almost 100 schools that are also sponsored by Nike.


The National Basketball Association is quickly becoming the top sport in the nation.  Adidas AG has been the official apparel partner of the NBA for the last 11 years. In that span, Adidas is having tremendous as of late thanks to players such as Andrew Wiggins and James Harden.

A leaked photo of the new and improved Philadelphia 76ers jerseys for the upcoming season


As of the 2017-2018 season, Nike will take over as the official apparel partner of the NBA after winning a $1 billion contract as Adidas walked away.

Adidas AG opted to focus on promoting and sponsoring individual players, as well as developing new products. Adidas is a German based company, with their primary focus of being soccer.

Nike is a very unique company because they can invent in the background and promote to the public seamlessly without either interfering with their main objectives.


Nike will also get rid of the awful and disgusting sleeved jerseys that were introduced a few years ago. Lebron James, PF for the Cleveland Cavaliers always rips off the sleeves whenever their team has to wear them.

I personally own a Los Angles Lakers Kobe Bryant sleeved jersey. Although it was a much needed impulse buy, it’s KOBE, how could you not?


Baseball, Americas sport.

According to multiple sources, sports fans have spoken and said that football was actually their favorite sport. Much of society would argue this fact but the NFL has one thing that no other sport has, they’re the only sport that owns a day of the week. Every Sunday for 20 weeks straight, everybody is watching football .

More screen time, more people that will watch.

Toronto Blue Jays home jersey


Currently Majestic Athletic is the official apparel supplier of the MLB. Their 16 year tenure with the MLB is just one of many sporting leagues that they have once or currently are apart of.

In 2020, Under Armour will become the sole apparel provider of the MLB.


Bryce Harper is an emerging all-star, consistently making THE CATCH or hitting that walk off HR. He is currently sponsored by Under Armour.harper640_041116 With Majestic currently and soon to be Under Armour, supplying the uniforms and apparel, it is unlikely Nike will be able to sponsor the MLB in the coming future. But with the juggernaut Nike is, it isn’t out of the realm of crazy to think Nike could control all sports.


There is only one thing to do on Sunday nights. Tune into NBC and for 3 hours of your night will be spent looking at some smash-mouth football.

The Minnesota Vikings Home and Away jerseys

The NFL were Nike’s first sports league that they became the sole provider of. In the span of 5 years, they’ve created new alternate jerseys as well as the cool, yet controversial Color Rush jerseys. 31af15df24933dbefd887564f051133f

Nike hasn’t only created bright and fun uniforms, they’ve also improved the way the jersey functions. The jerseys are more breathable, light weight, as well as being ascetically pleasing.

Being the owner of a Reebok and Nike NFL jerseys, the new and improved jerseys are much more fitted and quite comfortable.



The Almighty Swoosh

With Nike, Adidas and Under Armour consistently competing for not only sports leagues and franchises but also players. While the leagues respectfully each are supplied through one company, it does not mean that individual players cant sign contracts with other companies.

According to Total Sportek, Nike currently is responsible for 8 out of the 10 largest contracts ever to be given to an athlete

These moves have permanently cemented Nike as a global powerhouse, while continuously leading the market in branding and marketing. If Nike doesn’t sponsor the sport, they are almost guaranteed to have an athlete representing a swoosh somewhere on their outfit.


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