Nike Fuelbox

Being active is rewarding, for your body and your wardrobe.


The Nike Fuelbox was a concept that utilized the power of the Nike+ app along with the Nike Fuelband as well. With Fuelpoints accumulated through your daily activity, the more you sweat and push your body, the more points you would receive.

Nike+ App

The Nike+ app has been around for many years now. Slowly being integrated into almost all Apple tech going back to the days of the iPod Nano, Android software soon followed. This app served as a basis for many of the fitness apps we see today.

Training for the big race or having a night out with friends, you’re always collecting Fuelpoints at all hours of the day.┬áNikeFuel is a universal way to track your activity, regardless of age or movement.

Nike FuelBand

It been about 5 years since the exclusive launch of Nike FuelBand. This fitness band served as a pioneer for fitness companies we see today such as Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone. While the sales didn’t reach the Nike standard, the importance of the technology paved the way for many companies.

Nike normally shines in the sales category but many fail to see that this company also serves as a pioneering juggernaut. Besides achieving personal gratitude after a long run, Nike changed the fitness landscape by rewarding your grind by turning sweat into new workout gear.


With the integration of the Nike+ app into most devices such as cell phones, iPods and the creation of other fitness bands, the need for the FuelBand was rapidly Nike FuelBand never officially “died off”, it went back to the lab for a massive update. The Apple watch has seen tremendous success, especially with the Series 2. With the launch of the Series 2, Nike also came out with its new and improved Nike FuelBand in the form of the Nike+ Apple watch. This smartwatch has all the capabilities of the Series 2 Apple watch but has the Nike+ installed inside.

Nike is a innovative monster, always thinking 10 steps ahead of its competition. Just because something goes away, doesn’t mean it won’t return in a better and modern way.


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