A Year in Nike Tech

Nike is not your average shoe company. Just like the stock market, nobody knows what’s next for the colossal powerhouse. Nike reaches all parts of the globe, utilizing sports and fashion to exceed consumer demands. No matter what commercial or sporting event, a Nike swoosh can always be visible. The innovation of this company knows no bounds.

Nike Apple Watch


Sports or technology, the swoosh remains dominate. The Apple Watch has been has been taking the world by storm. As if the Apple logo wasn’t already recognizable, adding the almighty swoosh and the Nike+ app has people clamoring for this exclusive tech. The small but huge detail this Apple Watch has is the Nike+ app, allowing you to track and stay up to date all things Nike.

“Banned” Air Jordan XXXI



Your Airness Micheal Jordan will forever have his legacy cemented in Nike. The Air Jordan 31 was the 17th model that came out since his retirement. This is also the first model that showcases a swoosh and the signature Jumpman.



Nike is a company that only seeks to give back to the people. While the company does make a large profit, it is only for the betterment of society. Their technology has revolutionized how active wear is made and how shoes are looked at in today’s world. Nike has made it possible for the average human to become something better just by using their technology.


A Year in Nike Tech


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