Best Place on Campus

The University at Buffalo, a place of higher education where you can network and enhance your skills to become a better person. Networking comes in all shapes in sizes. Whether playing sports or meeting with mentors, being able to make long lasting friends is important. Out of all the places on the large UB campus, there is only one place that settles differences and also can bring people very close together. This place is located inside Alumni Arena and is called “The Triple Gym”. The triple gym is a large basketball court that my friends and I go to almost everyday to play basketball. All our differences and problems are settled on the court,  1 v. 1, game to 10. From this glorious house of basketball, many friendships are also formed here. It is almost hard to put into words how many friendships I have personally formed just from going there so much. Whether it’s a handshake passing by or getting invited to do something, the networking that takes place in a game to 16 can tell a lot.

Triple Gym

Sports are one of the best ways to network in all of the world. Sports are also one of a select few things in the world that serve as a universal union of people. Like the awareness Colin Kaepernick raised about issues in the United States, sports bring people together.

Not being from Buffalo, networking is something that was a must for me. I soon realized that Buffalo is not like my hometown in Albany. It surprised me knowing how many people loved the game of basketball in a place that is so far from the sport, having the Bills and the Sabres in town. Most of the friends I have made have come from playing in that gym almost everyday.

Alumni Arena

We play basketball not to be on the Main court, we play to enhance our skills and play the game we love that brings us together.


Men’s Basketball           Women’s Basketball


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